Company Presentation

The structure of the company

HUNGARO-FARM Ltd was established in 1991 by three Hungarian private individuals; the main activity of our company is producing, processing and trading with different seeds and other cores of high quality needs.

The place of central management is in Budapest, dr. Beata Masa is the managing director.

The basis of our business philosophy is a correct, reliable contact with both of our clients and our farmers. The result of this practice is that we can be proud of long-term relationships based on confidence, on both on purchaser’s and on farmer’s side. We are confident that our innovative Hungarian company is equal to any of our European competitors.

The products and their production

Our products are seeds with high quality needs (Sinapis Alba, Raphanus sativus, Phacelia Tanacetifolia, Vicia villosa, Trifolium), yellow flax seed, shell-less pumpkinseed, and other cores for bird feed. We have the seeds produced in Hungary on basis of production-integration agreements, we assure the sowing-seed for the production, we follow up the production course already from the period preceding the sowing; we provide detailed production technology so we give professional assistance to develop an appropriate crop-rotation, in the course of plant protection and of good farming. During the production we overview our production areas in times appropriate for the growing fazes of each of our plants, and in case of such farmer’s request we tend local advisories.

Handling of products

According to the market demand we perform the processing of the raw materials continuously, all year in the seed-plant being in the company’s ownership in Seregélyes. We take the combine-pure raw material directly after the harvest in our plant and we handle it there. We clean, process and package the seeds and other products in the seed-plant. We store the pre-cleaned or accomplished product here, in the storage area of approximately 4500 m2 in containers or Big-Bags, and in case of accomplished products in sacks.

We have an electronic platform scale with the carrying capacity of 60 tons, and a drying machine with the capability to dry sowing seed. The following belong to our appliance park:

  • - two dryers,
  • - three pre-cleaners,
  • - three cleaning lines provided with sifter, trieur, specific gravity categorizer,
  • - stone separator,
  • - magnet appliance,
  • - photocell color categorizer,
  • - three packaging lines with precision scales,
  • - moving appliances, instruments.


We pay great attention to the quality of our goods; we continuously control their quality in our laboratories in Budapest and in Seregélyes. Our documentary system assures the retrieval of our products. Professionals who have been trained by the National Agricultural Qualifying Institute work in our laboratories, and they follow up all phases of the processing from the arrival of the raw material through the controlling during the process to the quality control of the accomplished product. Our colleagues perform purity and germination tests, further control the moistness of the products. In case it is necessary for the production certain products, we perform soil tests already before sowing, and we examine the products for agent residue, assuring pharmacy-quality.

Main partners

Different West-European wholesale dealers and other companies are permanent purchasers. The German Hahn und Karl Saatenhandel GmbH, KWS, OMEGA-PHARMA, Bergland Pharma, and the Austrian Saatbau Linz are the most notable among them. We hope that You, as reader of these lines will contact us for further information, and we shall be able to welcome you among our business partners in the near future.